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With amazement we have watched the broadcast of AVROTROS Radar on January 25. Half a story is not a complete story. Titus Health Care would therefore like to tell you the whole story about the Ballerine spiral so that you can be well informed and make a well-considered decision.

Vacancy Medical Advisor

Job description: As Medical Advisor you will bridge the gap between business, science and practice. Based on your medical knowledge you offer optimal support to the project managers and healthcare professionals. Together with your medical colleagues you will work for the benefit of...

Sleeping position does not influence pregnancy complications

Pregnant women are often advised to sleep on their left side to avoid complications. Past studies have suggested that sleeping on the back or the right side could have a bad effect on blood flow from vessels to the uterus....

Copper Intra Uterine Device satisfaction survey

American scientists have done research on bleeding, cramps and satisfaction of new users of a copper coil. This showed that 6 months after placement women are more satisfied with their copper coil...

Titus Health Care introduces the Ballerine!

Titus Health Care introduces the Ballerine!

New generation contraceptive IUB™Ballerine® is a new and innovative, reliable, hormone-free IUD. It works similar to other copper IUD and is effective for 5 years. The Ballerine has a very thin insertion sleeve and is therefore...

Website launched

Website launched

2019 has launched a new, informative website on emergency contraception: It is a smooth, accessible site for young women (16-28 yrs), with (medically validated) information about the morning-after pill as well as about the...

TANCO study

Are there unmet needs in contraceptive counselling and choice?
TANCO = Thinking About Needs in COntraception

More need for contraceptive counselling than caregivers estimate

News flash October 2018 - Reimbursement news!

New rate 2019 As of January 2019, the rate for the insertion of an IUD or the insertion or removal of an implantation rod will be increased to € 63.53, for both the general practitioner and the midwife. This means that the insertion of an IUD...