It is, of course, very annoying if something goes wrong with the placement of an IUD. Unfortunately, expulsions shortly after the coil placement also occur from time to time. This is why Titus Health Care offers the replacement regulation. This means that women do not have to incur additional costs for a new coil.
After a failed placement or an expulsion within six months of a T-Safe, Multi-Safe (short), Flexi-T or Ballerine coil, you can request a replacement free of charge using this digital replacement form.
Upon receipt of the form we will send you within two weeks a new coil free of charge. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of a refund.
Would you like a personalised insertion instruction for the T-Safe, Multi-Safe, Flexi-T or Ballerine spiral? That is possible!
Please indicate this on the form and one of our project managers will contact you to make an appointment.
If you suspect it is a product complaint, after completing the form below, send the spiral (wrapped in a plastic bag) and marked with sender's name to:

Titus Health Care
Aalsmeerderdijk 158C
1438 AX Oude Meer

To be filled in only by healthcare providers, not by assistants or patients!