Replacement scheme

After a failed implantation or expulsion within six months of a T-Safe, Multi-Safe, Multi-Safe short, Flexi-T or Ballerine you can request a new IUD free of charge using a replacement form. You can download this form below.

Please send the completed form with the used IUD (packed in a plastic bag) to:
Titus Health Care
Aalsmeerdijk 158C
1438 AX Old Lake

If you no longer have an IUD, you can also send the replacement form digitally to [email protected] After receiving the form, we will send you a new IUD free of charge. Unfortunately there is no possibility for a refund.

Would you like a personalised insertion instruction for the T-Safe, Multi-Safe, Flexi-T or Ballerine coil? You can request this via [email protected] One of our project managers will be happy to contact you to make an appointment.