Women massively seeking hormone-free contraception - copper IUD only reliable method

26 September 2023|By Titus Health Care

Plenty in the media: more and more women are opting for 'natural' methods of contraception. The NOS writes that abortion clinics more often see young women who distrust contraception. UvA researchers conclude at Lowlands That the pill and condom are 'out', natural contraception is in. Foundation for Pharmaceutical Statistics reports a decrease of the use of hormonal contraception. Reason for the NHG to pay attention to this topic. The NHG: "Only the copper IUD is a reliable non-hormonal method."

Natural methods

Natural methods are all ways of understanding your own menstrual cycle in order to track fertile days. On these days you then don't have sex, or use a condom. Cycle computers and cycle apps are on the rise. These are great for learning to recognise your fertile days, but with the aim of getting pregnant. As a contraceptive, they are not very reliable in practice. The NHG signals that partly due to social media, more and more young women are opting for these methods and warns about their reliability.

Only reliable non-hormonal method: the copper IUD

Of all the hormone-free contraception, it is copper spiral with over 99% reliability one of the most secure, so agrees also the NHG. A copper IUD is a T-shaped or horseshoe-shaped IUD that is placed in the uterus. After insertion, you may have to wait up to 5 or even 10 years (T-Safe) no longer have to think about your contraception. The IUD contains no hormones, so you just keep your natural cycle. Copper paralyses the sperm cells, preventing them from reaching the egg.

Support healthcare providers to inform women

It is important that women choose a contraceptive method that suits them based on reliable information. Healthcare providers can play an important role in this. The NHG has listed how the NHG Standard Contraception, information at home-doctor.co.uk and associated choice cards can support. Titus Health Care also offers convenient counselling cards, information leaflets and demonstration materials from T-Safe, Multi-Safe and Flexi-T.

Only a copper IUD is reliable contraception without hormones