NZa tariffs 2023 known

23 August 2022

The NZa rates for 2023 have been published. What does this mean for the rate of placing or removing spirals or the implantation rod in the first line?

The new fee for placing or removing an IUD or implantable rod in 2023 is €73.35. This fee covers all activities associated with the insertion, implantation or removal of an IUD or the implantation rod. Previously, this rate applied to only the Placing of an IUD or for place or remove of the implantation rod. As of 2023, this rate applies to both the Placing of an IUD or an implantation rod as for the remove of an IUD or an implanted rod. What is new, therefore, is that the rate also applies to just the removal of an IUD; this was not the case previously.


The rate of € 73.35 includes all activities surrounding the placement or removal of an IUD or implantable rod, including associated ultrasounds if these are necessary. If another healthcare provider performs acts that are part of the performance, these acts can be settled via mutual services. And also good to know: if removal and placement are done in the same consultation, the performance may only be charged once.

General practitioner care

Finally, it applies specifically to general practitioner care that this performance cannot be charged if the care provider also declares the registration fee for the client in question. In that case this care must be declared via the performance 'Insertion/implantation or removal of etonogestrel implantation rod' within the regulations for general practitioner care.

More information

Want to know more about the NZa rates for 2023? The complete performance and rate decision for obstetrics can be found here. The National Association of General Practitioners (LHV) has incorporated the most important changes for general practitioners in a news report. In this news item, you will also find a reference to the complete overview of NZa rates for the coming year.

Due to inflation, the NZa rates were further increased at the end of 2022. The rate for 2023 was supposed to be €72, this was further increased to 73.35. This news item has been updated accordingly.