Titus Health Care supports partners with the registration and reimbursement process of medicines or medical devices.

Registration and reimbursement are the most critical steps in the introduction of a new drug. Especially in a country like the Netherlands, where patients are not accustomed to paying a personal contribution for health care, obtaining full reimbursement is essential.

Together with specialised business partners, Titus Health Care analyses the registration and reimbursement options and puts forward various strategies for successful implementation of the registration and reimbursement process. Its excellent relationships with opinion leaders in the gynaecological field and leading clinics are of great importance here.

Since 2014, Titus Health Care has held a pharmaceutical wholesale licence, enabling it to autonomously import medicines from the E.U. and distribute them in the Netherlands.



Titus Health Care introduced Bemfola® in January 2015 (follitropin alpha) on the Dutch market as the first biosimilar. From January 2015 to mid-2020, Titus Health Care was the exclusive Sales Agent for Bemfola® on behalf of manufacturer Gedeon Richter. Bemfola® is a recombinant follicle-stimulating hormone and is used in anovulation or to stimulate multi-follicular development in women undergoing fertility treatments, such as IVF or ICSI. Titus Health Care organised the complete distribution and successfully introduced Bemfola® in all fertility clinics in the Netherlands. Bemfola® is now a standard part of the available range of drugs for follicle stimulation.