Titus Health Care works with partners within women's health. With a strong network, we achieve more!

Titus Health Care aims to contribute to women's healthcare in the Netherlands and Belgium. We do this by making new gynaecological products available and investing in education and training for healthcare providers. Thanks to our years of experience within women's health, we have built up a strong network within the gynaecological field. Excellent relationships with opinion leaders and leading clinics are of great importance here.

Since 2014, Titus Health Care has also held a pharmaceutical wholesale licence, allowing autonomous import of medicines from the EU and their distribution in the Netherlands.

We deploy this strong foundation in collaborations with partners within women's health. Thus, together we take an extra step to contribute to women's health care.


Collaboration Titus Health Care and Organon

Titus Health Care and Organon joined forces in early 2022. Both companies share the ambition to contribute to the education of healthcare providers so that they can give women optimal appropriate advice on contraception. Because every woman is unique and so that healthcare providers can advise women optimally about contraception. Titus Health Care now provides medical Implanon NXT® training courses On behalf of Organon.