NZa rates 2024: What does this mean for the placement or removal of spirals or the implantable rod in primary care?

17 July 2023|By Titus Health Care

The Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) has announced the tariffs for 2024. The publication of the NZa tariffs next year has provided clarity on the rate for placing or removing spirals or the implantable rod in primary care. These rates directly affect healthcare providers and patients and ensure that costs are set for in a transparent manner.

New NZa rate placing/removing IUD or implantable rod: €77.85

The new NZa rate for placing or removing an IUD or implantable rod in 2024 is €77.85. This is an increase of €4.50 compared to 2023. This fee covers all activities associated with the insertion, implantation or removal of an IUD or implantable rod. This rate therefore applies both to placing an IUD or implantable rod and to its removal. If removal and insertion are performed in the same consultation, the service may be charged only once. Does an IUD or implantation rod only need to be removed? Then the fee may also be charged.

Additional conditions

The rate of €77.85 covers all activities surrounding the placement or removal of an IUD or implantable rod, including any ultrasounds required. If another healthcare provider performs acts that are part of this performance, these acts can be settled via mutual service.

Additional conditions GP care

Another specific condition applies to GP care. The performance cannot be invoiced if the GP also declares the registration fee for the same client. In that case, the relevant care must be declared via the performance 'IUD application/implantation or removal of etonogestrel implant rod' within the regulations for GP care.

More information

More information on NZa tariffs 2024 is available via the full performance and price decision obstetrics and the performance and rate decision for general practitioner care and multidisciplinary care. In addition, the Landelijke Huisartsen Vereniging (LHV) has summarised the most important changes for GPs in a news release.

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