New training gynaecologists and A(N)IOS - Contraception Wanted: choice in contraindications

6 February 2023|By Titus Health Care

Which contraceptive methods are suitable for women with high blood pressure or thromboembolic disease? What is the best choice for someone with migraines or diabetes? The new training for gynaecologists Contraception Wanted: choice in contraindications pays attention to contraceptive choices for women with contraindications or co-morbidities. This is done using the Medical Eligibility Criteria Wheel for contraceptive use WHO.

What can I expect?

If women want to protect themselves from pregnancy, there are several contraceptive methods available. Good counselling is indispensable to find together a method that best suits the woman. But sometimes choice is limited by the presence of a contraindication. With the help of the Medical Eligibility Criteria Wheel for contraceptive use of the WHO, various contraindications or co-morbidities are discussed. In addition, this training course takes a closer look at scientific publications that underpin WHO's opinions.

Practical information

The training Contraception Wanted: choice in contraindications takes about an hour and Titus Health Care provides it on site. The training is completely free of charge and accredited by the NVOG (1 point). In short: ideal for a teaching moment with colleagues. You can apply via the webshop or mail to

Other tips

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New training for gynaecologists - Contraception Wanted - choice in contraindications