Do you already know these five handy apps?

23 January 2023|By Titus Health Care

Digitisation in healthcare is here to stay. As a healthcare provider, you no longer find information only in books, but mainly digitally. This source of information is expanding by the day and the overview is sometimes hard to find. After all, where do you find the information you need so quickly? Fortunately, more and more handy apps are being developed to give healthcare professionals a hand with finding information efficiently. Do you already know these five handy apps for healthcare providers?

1. WHO Contraception tool

In this useful app from the World Health Organisation, you can easily look up the best-fit contraception by pathology or contraindications. In addition, you can indicate specific preferences of the woman to arrive at a best-fit contraception choice. You can also read more about the effectiveness of different contraceptives and emergency contraception via this app, among other things.

2. NHG guidelines web app

At this app you will find all guidelines from the Dutch College of General Practitioners in one place. You can easily view summary cards on various topics. For example, quickly grab the NHG Standard on Contraception 2020 to read all about different methods of contraception.

3. RIVM LCI guidelines app

The National Institute of Public Health and the Environment released the RIVM LCI guidelines app developed. This is a collection of all current guidelines and guides for infectious disease control. Among other things, you can find here policies, diagnostics, roadmaps, associated symptoms and epidemiological figures for various venereal diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

4. Pharmacotherapeutic Compass app

When you are dealing with medicines as a healthcare provider, you can the app of the Pharmacotherapeutic Compass. In it you will find extensive information on indications, advice, side effects, interactions and use of medicines during pregnancy and lactation. For example, it also lists when medication can affect the effectiveness of contraceptive methods!

5. Siilo

Sending an ultrasound photo to your colleague? Just sparring about that one case? You'd rather not do that via Whatsapp. Siilo is a secure medical messenger you can use to exchange knowledge and discuss cases. Totally secure and compliant.

Which apps do you use in practice?

5 useful apps for healthcare providers