Titus Health Care and Maastricht Academy of Obstetrics join forces

16 February 2023|By Titus Health Care

To serve midwives even better, Titus Health Care and the Maastricht Academy of Midwifery have joined forces. From now on, Titus Health Care offers a low-cost combination package to that consists of the e-learning Tailored contraceptive advice of the academy and the Contraception Skills Training of Titus Health Care. As a result of the collaboration, midwives who want to start with spiral insertion can now register for both training courses at once at a reduced cost. After attending both parts, midwives will be prepared for the in vivo training in placing spirals.

Starting spirals

Are you an obstetrician and want to start placing spirals? If you graduated before 2017, you follow three steps to become competent and skilled. You start with an e-learning on contraception, followed by a training course on contraception (theory and skill). Once you have completed these training sessions, you will be ready for the in vivo training on placing spirals. Did you graduate from 2017? Then the first two steps are integrated into your midwifery training. If you complete the in vivo training in placing spirals within three years of graduation, you are competent to place spirals. After three years, this condition expires and you will have to take the full three-step course again. More information can be found on the website of the KNOV.

E-learning Tailored contraceptive advice

The e-learning Tailored contraceptive advice is the first step to becoming proficient in spiral insertion. The e-learning gives you insight into the menstrual cycle and changes during (hormonal) contraceptive use. It also increases your knowledge of different contraceptive methods. This allows you to reason out which contraception to recommend or advise against in different situations. Finally, the e-learning provides tools to apply this knowledge to provide clients with tailor-made information. The e-learning takes about 3 hours to complete and is therefore accredited for 3 points by the KNOV. After registering, Titus Health Care will pass on your details to the Maastricht Academy of Obstetrics. You will receive your login details within a week.

Contraception Skills Training

The e-learning is followed by contraception training (theory and skill). The Contraception Skills Training you follow on a date and place of your choice. During the training you will learn all about the effect, side effects, (contra)indications, reliability and application of various methods of contraception. Through case histories, you practice how to apply knowledge when counselling women. You will also practice skills in placing and removing the copper coil, hormone coil and implantable rod. The Contraception Skills Training is accredited for 4 points by the KNOV. After completing the e-learning and skills training, you will be ready for the in vivo training placing spirals.

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