T-Safe insertion & counselling


Duration: ± 30 minutesFor whom: General practitioners, PAs, midwivesWhere: on location, individually or with colleaguesAfter ordering, one of our employees will contact you to make an appointment.


Would you also like to learn about the T-Safe insertion technique, or do you have any questions about it? Then request this module now. During this training you will practise the T-Safe insertion technique. Relevant background information will also be covered, including how it works, side-effects and (contra-)indications. You will receive a free T-Safe practice spiral, uterus model, counselflyer and patient leaflets in various languages. A combination of several training courses is possible.

Insertion T-Safe: step 1 - preparing for use

Open the package after probing. Hold the nylon threads in your hand. Using the white push stick, push the IUD up into the insertion sleeve until the IUD protrudes 2 mm outside the insertion sleeve. Adjust the blue ring to the measured probe length. Check that the widest side of the ring is parallel to the arms of the coil. In this direction, the arms will unfold. The coil is now ready for insertion.

Insertion T-Safe: step 2 - insertion of the T-Safe

Gently insert the insertion tube, containing the white pushpin, into the uterine cavity as far as the fundus. The blue ring touches the cervix. Secure the white lead with your thumb and forefinger and then slide the insertion sleeve backwards with the other hand. The IUD becomes free in the uterus.

Insertion T-Safe: step 3 - completion

Now remove the white push pin first, while holding the applicator sleeve in place. Only then remove the insertion sleeve with a light twisting motion. Cut the nylon threads to about 3 cm from the cervix.

Other caregiver support

There is a handy insertion instruction video. In addition, it is possible to leaflets or a demo model request. There is also a page with all the important information for healthcare providers. Think prescription information or frequently asked questions. Should the placement of T-Safe fail unexpectedly, it is possible to request a replacement coil free of charge via the replacement system. For more information, contact via the contact form.

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