Implanon NXT® insertion & removal


Duration: ± 1 hourFor whom: General practitioners, PAs, midwivesWhere: on location, individually or with colleaguesIf you choose a date in consultation, one of our employees will contact you to make an appointment.


Would you also like to learn about the Implanon NXT® insertion technique, or do you have any questions about it? Then request the medical Implanon NXT® training course now!

Who is the training for?

The Implanon NXT® medical training course is designed for prescription-authorised healthcare providers who wish to become proficient in the placement and removal of Implanon NXT®. Besides training skills, theoretical background is also covered and there is ample opportunity to ask questions.

What can I expect?

The training starts with theoretical background to support counselling on Implanon NXT®. Consider clinical information on the mechanism of action of Implanon NXT®, side effects and information on bleeding patterns. In preparation for practising practical skills, there are videos on the placement and removal of Implanon NXT®. There will then be an opportunity to practice the skills in placing and removing the implantation rod on a phantom, under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

About the lecturer

Implanon NXT® medical training is delivered by a selection of experienced trainers. All trainers have completed a training programme before being authorised to provide training.

Practical information

Target group: prescribing healthcare providers
Duration: approximately 1 hour 
Costs: free of charge
Location: on site (individually or with colleagues)

Delve further?

Want to learn more about implantable rod counselling? Then book the webinar Counselling implant rod. This is an interactive webinar provided by contraception specialist Wendy Wielenga. After this webinar, you will have more knowledge about the implantation rod and have a clearer idea of who the implantation rod may be suitable for. If you want to learn about different contraceptive methods, the Contraception Skills Training something for you. This will cover theory on all contraceptive methods, followed by practising skills in placing and removing the implantable rod, copper IUD and hormone IUD.

Getting started with Implanon NXT®

In support, Titus Health Care offers a complete Implanon NXT® removal set for single use. With this you have all materials complete to remove an implantation rod from the arm, except anaesthetic and an antiseptic solution. Also available: a RVS mosquito clamp (12 cm) made of high-quality stainless steel.

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