Counsel meeting


Duration: ± 60 min.If you choose a date in consultation, one of our employees will contact you to make an appointment.Online lunch counselling sessions:

28 May 202412.30 - 13.30Online


The Counsel Meeting is a useful start for anyone counselling about contraception, as well as, for example, assistants answering questions about contraception. The Counsel Meeting is accredited for 1 point and is completely free of charge! New online dates are regularly scheduled, but it is also possible to schedule a date on request so that you can attend the training together with colleagues.

What can I expect?

During the counselling session, the basics of a good counselling session are briefly but powerfully discussed. The effects, side-effects and (contra-)indications of long-acting contraceptive methods in particular are refreshed. In addition, scientific articles and cases you may encounter during the contraception consultation are discussed. A great basis for anyone providing contraceptive care.

Learning targets

During the counselling session, you will learn:

  1. The main differences between copper and hormone coils, to adequately answer the most common questions.
  2. More on copper and hormone-based spirals: effects, side effects, contraindications, clinical implications and the latest research.
  3. More on the implantable rod: action, side effects, contraindications, clinical implications.
  4. Use tools based on case histories to answer common questions such as side effects.

Practical information

Target group: midwives and assistants
Duration: 1 hour
Accreditation points KNOV, ABC1 and NAPA: 1 point
Accreditation points KNOV - contraception sub-register: 1 point
Costs: free of charge

Besides registering for the scheduled webinars, it is also possible to request the counselling session on location. Nice to plan with the whole practice or in the circle, for example! To do so, select 'date by arrangement' from the drop-down menu. One of our staff will contact you to make an appointment.

Delve further?

Looking for an even broader foundation? Then take a look at the accredited training Anticonceptie & Hormonen. Theory and practice are combined in the Contraception Skills Training. This training has also been approved by the KNOV as preparation for the in vivo training in placing spirals. Immerse yourself in various topics in your own time with our e-learnings Menstrual Cycle, Noodanticonceptie or The contraceptive pillGetting up to date with the latest trends and developments in contraceptive care can be done free of charge through training Contraception in Motion.

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