E-learning Menstrual Cycle

Cost: € 30.00 (incl. VAT)You can register for this e-learning via HCP-Online.The e-learning can also be followed here.

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Contraceptive care starts with knowledge of the menstrual cycle. Good knowledge of the menstrual cycle forms the basis for counselling on contraception and supports in answering questions about functioning and side effects of various contraceptive methods.

What can I expect?

The e-learning Menstrual Cycle supports to bring the workings of the menstrual cycle back into clear focus. It all starts in the brain but what exactly happens? What influences do oestrogens and progestogens have on the endometrium? And what about changes in body temperature during the cycle? Then, based on common questions, different phases of life are covered, from menarche to menopause. Various complaints and disorders are also covered, including amenorrhoea, ovulatory disorders, uterine abnormalities and fibroids. The e-learning concludes with a chapter on external influences, including lifestyle, contraception and medication.

Set up

The e-learning Menstrual Cycle is designed to refresh knowledge about the menstrual cycle. The workings from the brain to ovaries and uterus are covered. In addition, various life stages, complaints and disorders and influences are discussed. You conclude the e-learning with a final test.

Learning targets

During this e-learning you will learn:

  1. All the basic knowledge needed about the menstrual cycle
  2. What the differences are in terms of hormone balance at different stages of life
  3. Understand what symptoms and disorders, related to the cycle, women may experience
  4. That several external factors can affect internal hormone balance

Practical information

You can register for this e-learning via HCP-Online. Through this platform, you will also follow the e-learning.

Target group: midwives
Duration: 1 hour
Accreditation points KNOV: 1 point
Accreditation points KNOV - partial register of contraception: none
Cost: € 30 (including VAT)

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