E-learning Noodanticonceptie

Cost: € 30.00 (incl. VAT)You can register for this e-learning via HCP-Online.The e-learning can also be followed here.

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Healthcare providers who provide contraceptive care often also receive questions about emergency contraception. When is emergency contraception necessary? What options are there and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each option? In support, Titus Health Care has developed the e-learning Noodanticonceptie developed.

What can I expect?

This e-learning was developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals to answer all common questions when it comes to emergency contraception. What forms are there actually? How do the different morning-after methods work and how reliable are they? What should women pay attention to and what are the contraindications? Both background information (when to use emergency contraception and who is at risk) and the different morning-after methods are discussed.

Set up

This e-learning starts with an introduction with background information. This discusses what emergency contraception is, what forms there are, who is at risk of an unplanned pregnancy and who uses emergency contraception. This is followed by a brief refresher on how the menstrual cycle works in combination with the occurrence of pregnancy. Then the functioning, side effects, indications and contraindications of the morning-after pill with levonorgestrel, the morning-after pill with ulipristal and, finally, the copper IUD are discussed. You conclude the e-learning with a final test. Following the e-learning takes about 1 hour.

Learning targets

The aims of this e-learning are:

  1. Increasing knowledge about emergency contraception
  2. Increasing correct use of emergency contraception
  3. Optimising access to emergency contraception

Practical information

You can register for this e-learning via HCP-Online. Through this platform, you will also follow the e-learning. 

Target group: midwives
Duration: 1 hour
Accreditation points KNOV: 1 point
Accreditation points KNOV - contraception sub-register: 1 point
Cost: € 30 (including VAT)

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