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Titus Health Care was founded in 2009 by Joep de Mönnink. Joep's main focus at Titus Health Care is business development and finance. Since 2010, Judith Wiegant has been the second driving force behind Titus Health Care. Since 2010, Judith has been the director of Titus Health Care and she is responsible for the overall management of Titus Health Care and for managing all team members.

Using a powerful network in gynaecology, extensive healthcare knowledge and years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, we contribute to improving gynaecological healthcare in the Benelux.

Since 2021, we work from our beautiful new premises in Oude Meer (municipality of Haarlemmermeer). Close to Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport, and with a wonderful view of the Ringvaart canal.


Team Titus

Judith Wiegant


managing team | resolute
Peru volunteering | sports

Joep de Mönnink


founder | bio science
strategic | tennis

Daniëlle van Veen

Project Manager Gynaecology

knowledge transfer | marketing
language wonder | music

Lisette Sier

Project Manager Contraception

creative | question mark
inspiring | baking talent

Chantal van der Voort

Project Manager Contraception

energetic | driven
mainstay | sporty

Imara Wilsens

Medical Project Manager Gynaecology

enterprising | responsible
midwife | humour

Carolien Kerstholt

Medical Advisor

analytical | science
softball | scouting

Mabel Adu Gyan

Medical Advisor

science | punctual
kickboxing | singing

Albertine Wamsteker

Management Assistant

structure | process-oriented
hockey | pizza baking

Monique Langelaan

Facility Employee

kitchen queen | caring
tackling | supping

Milly Poort

Client Service Manager

punctual | service-oriented
interior specialist | golf


Account Manager Hospital Care

Netherlands Region

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Medical Project Manager Gynaecology

Region French-speaking Belgium

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Medical Advisor

Oude Meer

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Titus Healthy Living: A healthy start is half the battle!

We believe that good nutrition and sufficient exercise contribute to a healthy working environment. 7.5 litres of smoothie, 10 litres of fresh soup and 80 kilometres break walkThis is how our average working week looks like. With our ergonomic stand-up/sit-down desks and the annual sports subscription we give our employees a push in the right direction.

Healthy Living