Joep de Mönnink


Joep is the founder (2009) and director of Titus Health Care.

Team Titus Health Care - Joep

"Through my previous positions at a biopharmaceutical multinational in the field of IVF, I developed an affinity with gynaecological healthcare and built up a network of interesting and driven people. In 2009, I took the step to realise my dream: to set up a company in which I can contribute to healthcare in the Netherlands according to my own ideas, with the aim of making a difference for Dutch women. Besides my work, I am a father of three children, I still play tennis on a weekly basis and I enjoy skiing in the winter. "

At Titus Health Care

Joep is the founder and director of Titus Health Care. Using a broad network in gynaecology, extensive knowledge of the Dutch healthcare system and broad experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, Joep wants to contribute to improving gynaecological healthcare in the Netherlands.

Business partner Judith Wiegant deals with the day-to-day management and operations of Titus Health Care, but consults with Joep on strategy and business development. Joep is very proud of the fact that the Titus Health Care team has developed into an organisation that adds value to healthcare professionals through training and further education. Supplying a good product is one thing, but making sure that the products are used in the right way by the right woman is another.

Since 2014, Joep has been devoting much of his time to the development and marketing of the ReceptIVFity test, the world's first IVF prediction test based on the woman's vaginal microbiome.

Previous experience

Prior to 2019, Joep held various marketing, sales and management positions within the fertility unit at Serono Benelux, later Merck-Serono and Merck KGa.