Chantal van der Voort

Team Titus Health Care - Chantal

"I had very good contacts with Titus Health Care through my previous job. It was therefore not a big step to join this company. The cooperation was good right from the start. Because THC is a small company, I learn a lot about how a company works and I get to know all kinds of things. I really enjoy the fun we have together. Together with the other project managers I have set up @spiralenmeisjes to tell more about our work. What do I like to do most in my spare time? Bootcamp, running, drinking coffee and especially laughing a lot."

At Titus Health Care

Chantal is the primary point of contact for all abortion clinics, GGD in the South of the Netherlands and midwives and GPs in the South Holland, Utrecht and Zeeland region. She is responsible for providing information and service regarding T-Safe, Multi-Safe and Flexi-T and the necessary instruments. Chantal also provides meetings, accredited refresher courses and training for healthcare providers.

Previous experience

Chantal has worked in abortion care for over fifteen years as a college nurse. She really enjoyed working in women's care. In addition to providing support during treatment, her challenge was to find a suitable and reliable method of contraception, such as the T-Safe.