Case study with Anne-Mieke


€ 95,- incl. VATAccreditation KNOV: 3 A-points (also sub-register Contraception)

September 5, 202416.30 - 20.00Rijswijk
3 October 202416.30 - 20.00Enschede
15 October 202416.30 - 20.00Breda
11 November 202416.30 - 20.00Helmond
Cancellation free of charge up to 14 days prior to the training, upon written cancellation. 


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Those providing contraceptive care to women have to deal with various scenarios. There are many different methods available, all with their own effects, uses, complications and side effects. In addition, no two women are the same. The training Case study with Anne-Mieke therefore addresses the question: how do I deliver contraceptive care focused on the individual, not the masses?

Who is the training for?

The training Case study with Anne-Mieke is intended for midwives counselling on contraception. It is useful if you already have a basic knowledge of contraception. Please note: this training course uses casuistry to achieve the learning objectives but this training course is not a methodical peer consultation (MIO).

What can I expect?

During the training Case study with Anne-Mieke Together with gynaecologist Anne-Mieke Omtzigt and your colleagues, you will discuss cases on copper coils, hormone coils, implantation rods and the pill, among others. For example, do you always advise against a copper IUD for a woman with heavy periods? What do you do with an IUD in a sectional scar? How to deal with different bleeding patterns with an implantable IUD? What solutions are there for side effects of (hormonal) contraceptive methods? In addition, there is room to bring in your own case you would like to discuss together. To discuss cases, the timeline method will be used to systematically map out the situation.

About the lecturer

In its independent treatment centre Women&clinics gynaecologist Dr Anne-Mieke Omtzigt provides specialist care to women. She has extensive experience in providing education and training on gynaecological topics. Anne-Mieke is passionate about women's health care and conveys her knowledge and experience with great enthusiasm.

Learning targets

During the training Case study with Anne-Mieke learn:

  • - a systematic approach to discussing a case: the timeline method
  • - what questions to ask to get a complete picture of the history
  • - working with colleagues to find a solution to the case
  • - how to deal with complaints/problems with different contraceptive methods

Practical information

Target group: midwives
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: €95
Location: live on location (see dates above)
Accreditation points KNOV: 3 points (A-points)
Accreditation points KNOV - contraception sub-register: 3 points
Extra: including a simple meal

Cancellation free of charge up to 14 days prior to the training, upon written cancellation.

Delve further?

Want to discuss more case studies specifically about offering a Contraception Consultation, in the form of MIO training? Then take a look at the training MIO contraception consultation. Prefer a hands-on course on contraception? During the Contraception Skills Training covers the basics of all contraceptive methods and you will get hands-on practice with the placement of a copper IUD, hormone IUD and implantable rod.

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