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With the starter pack, you are optimally prepared to start placing spirals. The pack also includes a T-Safe copper IUD, as a backup or emergency contraception. Additional tips:- order if necessary Disposable IUD sets for the in vivo training.- If you prescribe through the Contraception portalWith each coil, you receive a probe free of charge.- practical tips & tricks to start installing spirals? Ask for the free Start-up Service on.


The starter pack is specially put together for midwives starting with spiral insertion. The package contains enough materials to start optimally prepared. The package also contains a T-Safe copper spiral. You can use this one as a spare, for example if a placement fails. You can then immediately place a new T-Safe and use the replacement system to request a new coil. In addition, it is useful to have a spare T-Safe on standby for use when emergency contraception. T-Safe can be placed up to 5 days after unprotected sex, it is the most reliable morning-after method.

Contents starter pack

The starter pack contains enough materials to start spiral setting. The kit consists of:

  • 1x Welch Allyn illumination system (including charger)
  • 24x disposable Welch Allyn speculum, size medium
  • 2x disposable Welch Allyn speculum, size small
  • 2x disposable Welch Allyn speculum, size large
  • 2x RVS IUD set
  • 10x disposable uterine probe
  • 1x T-Safe copper spiral

Additional tips

Do several midwives in the practice start placing spirals at the same time? Then order additional Disposable IUD sets, disposable probes and RVS IUD sets. If you are going to place at multiple locations, consider two starter packages or additional RVS IUD sets, Welch Allyn Kleenspec lighting system and specula.

Starting spirals

Are you an obstetrician and want to start placing spirals? If you graduated before 2017 and want to become proficient in placing spirals, the following steps are required:
- E-learning contraception
- Contraception training (theory and skill)
- In vivo training
The Contraception Skills Training of Titus Health Care has been approved by the KNOV as contraception training (theory and skill) in preparation for the in vivo training. For midwives graduating from 2017 onwards, the first two steps are integrated into the training curriculum. If you take the in vivo training within three years of graduation, you are competent to place spirals. Have you already graduated more than three years ago? Then follow all three steps to become competent in placing spirals. More information can be found on the website of the KNOV.

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