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Duration: ± 60 min.After ordering, one of our employees will contact you to make an appointment.


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Are you going to start installing spirals? We have developed the Start-up Service especially for you. Together we go through all the practical issues involved in starting to place spirals. So you will be optimally prepared for the in vivo training in placing spirals!

What can I expect from the Start-up Service?

The Start-up Service is packed with practical tips & tricks to get started with spiral placement. For example:
- Internal organisation
- Counselling, placement, aftercare and information provision
- Material selection: supplies and additional optional handy additions
- Prescribing contraception
- Compensation and costs
- Tips and tricks around reporting
- Frequently asked questions: e.g. about ruling out STIs, when is a (copper) IUD too low, to use or not to use menstrual cups in combination with an IUD
- Education and training

In addition, there will of course be plenty of room to ask questions. It is also possible to briefly refresh the insertion instructions of the copper coils so that you can start your in vivo training optimally prepared.

Practical information Start-up Service

Target group: midwives who want to start placing spirals
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Costs: free of charge

Delve further?

Through Titus Health Care, you also attend the training courses provided by the KNOV obliges in preparation for the in vivo training. If you want to start placing spirals, you need to successfully complete a KNOV-accredited e-learning on contraception in preparation, followed by a Contraception Skills Training. Both steps can be used as an advantageous combination package purchase. During the e-learning, topics covered include the physiology of the menstrual cycle, common contraceptive methods and counselling. The Contraception Skills Training then starts with an hour of theoretical in-depth training by an experienced healthcare professional. After this, you will practise skills in placing and removing the copper IUD, hormone IUD and implantable rod. All ready to start? With the Starter package you can purchase all the necessary materials inexpensively. If you are looking for further in-depth training, take a look at our other (accredited) trainings.

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