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Sterilisable IUD set consisting of hook-and-loop forceps, straight forceps and scissors. The instruments are made of high-quality stainless steel. Suitable for inserting coils.


This sterilisable RVS IUD set is suitable for placing spirals. The set consists of hook-on forceps, straight tampon forceps and scissors. The instruments are made of high-quality stainless steel. Parts from the set are also available separately, useful, for example, just to replace scissors that have become blunt:
Hooking pliers
Tampon tongs


Prepare all supplies (including speculum, probe, RVS IUD set, coil) in the correct order on a sterile surface. Reassure the woman and tell her during insertion what actions you will perform. Ask the woman to relax the pelvis as much as possible. Use leg supports or a wedge pillow to tilt the pelvis slightly. Determine the position of the uterus by vaginal examination. Then insert the speculum while the woman makes a pressing movement. Make sure you have a good view of the portio and, if necessary, clean it using the tampon forceps with a gauze. Stabilise the uterus by hooking the front lip of the portio with ball forceps. At this point, allow the woman to cough which will make her feel the hooking less. If the uterus is in retroflexion, it may be better to hook the posterior lip of the portio. Stretch the cervical canal by applying slight traction with the ball forceps. Probe the cervical canal and uterus before opening the package to determine the length and direction of the uterus. If probing fails or is laborious, it is wise to refer the woman to a gynaecologist.


The IUD comes with a convenient insertion system, allowing easy insertion into the uterus. Stretch the uterus with the ball forceps and insert the IUD. The insertion technique of the IUD itself differs for each type of IUD. On the websites of T-Safe, Multi-Safe and Flexi-T insertion instruction videos are available for this purpose. It is also possible to watch a T-Safe, Multi-Safe or Flexi-T request demonstration model.


Cut the nylon threads to about 3 centimetres from the cervix. Finally, remove the bullet forceps and speculum. Give the woman a sanitary pad.


The coil can be easily removed by using the RVS IUD tamper pliers pulling the threads. Should removal be difficult, for example because the threads are not findable, a RVS IUD Removing pliers or wire picker provide relief. If required, a new coil can be placed immediately.

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