The Contraception Portal is the way to prescribe contraception and medicines easily and safely.

The Contraception Portal was developed for and by midwives. The Contraception Portal makes it easy to write prescriptions. It is also packed with handy services to make your work easier. And: you order, you decide. You always receive the contraception or medicine you ordered. Try it now, some 700 midwives have already done so!

AC portal

Replacement regime for hormone coils
Bayer has stopped offering replacement spirals to all users in the Netherlands. Midwives can now request a replacement hormone spiral through the Contraception portal. This can be done up to 12 weeks after placement.


Get started in five easy steps:

  1. Register once as a midwife on the Contraception portal.
  2. After verification by the central pharmacy, you can log in. This usually takes a day.
  3. Write a prescription for. The prescription is sent securely to the pharmacy.
  4. Client receives an e-mail and text message with a payment link. After payment, the pharmacy sends a digital invoice.
  5. Once the payment is made, the pharmacy sends the contraceptive or medicine to the practice (or the chosen delivery address).

  • Contraception and medicines
  • Free probes
  • Soatesten
  • Replacement scheme
  • Overview for the whole team
  • Service for clients
  • Two-step verification
  • Batch number registration
  • Get exactly what you order


"It's logistically very convenient: the client doesn't have to pick up a prescription first and then go back to the pharmacy with it. I order, the customer pays and the drug is delivered to me.

"It sometimes happened that the client did not yet have the coil at the appointment for coil placement. The appointment then had to be rescheduled. This no longer happens; the IUD is delivered directly to us."

"A preferred delivery day can be indicated, which is useful if the practice is not open on a particular day. In addition, you can create alternative delivery addresses and you can choose to pick up the package yourself at a collection point."