Implanon NXT® removal set

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The Implanon NXT® removal kit is a complete package* for removing an implantation rod. This sterile removal set is suitable for single use. Contents:1 sterile self-adhesive cloth with round cutout1 scalpel no. 115 non-woven gauze 7.5 x 7.5 cm3 Steristrip adhesive strips1 elastic bandage 6 cm x 4 m1 retractable safety syringe 2.5 ml with fixed 25G x 5.8 needle1 bent Halstead clamp1 Extrimplant pliers (not for standard removal)*excluding anaesthetic and antiseptic solution

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The Implanon NXT® removal kit is a complete package for removing an implantation rod from the arm. This sterile removal set is suitable for single use. The materials are packed in a handy sterile container with different compartments. So you have everything clearly and quickly within reach during the removal of an implantation rod. Besides the removal kit, all you need is anaesthetic (e.g. 0.5-1 mL lidocaine 1%) and an antiseptic solution to disinfect the skin.

Implanon NXT® removal kit contents

The Implanon NXT® removal kit consists of:

  • - 1 sterile self-adhesive cloth with round cut-out
  • - 1 scalpel no. 11
  • - 5 non-woven gauzes 7.5 x 7.5 cm
  • - 3 Steristrip adhesive plasters
  • - 1 elastic bandage 6 cm x 4 m
  • - 1 retractable safety syringe 2.5 ml with fixed 25G (0.5 mm diameter) x 5.8 needle (suitable for subcutaneous injections)
  • - 1 curved Halstead clamp
  • - 1 Extrimplant pliers (not for standard removal)

Also available: RVS mosquito clamp

Do you prefer working with sterilisable instruments or do you already have most of the materials from the Implanon NXT® removal kit in stock? Then there is also a RVS Mosquito clamp available to remove implantable rods from the arm with. This sterilisable mosquito clamp has a length of 12 centimetres and is made of high-quality German stainless steel.

Training implant rod

Did you know that Titus Health Care also offers various training courses on the implant rod?

Implanon NXT® medical training
During the medical Implanon NXT® training we treat and practice in detail both the placement and removal of the implantation rod. This training can be requested free of charge and we simply provide it at your practice.

Contraception Skills Training
Starting to place spirals or combine more skills? Then take a look at the Contraception Skills Training. This training starts with an hour packed with theoretical background on contraception. After that, you will practise insertion and removal of the implantable rod, as well as copper coils and hormone coils.

Webinar Counselling implant rod
Want to learn more about implantable rod counselling? Then book the webinar Counselling implant rod. This is a one-hour, interactive webinar, given by contraception specialist Wendy Wielenga. After this webinar, you will have more knowledge about the implantation rod. You will also more easily recognise clients for whom the implantation rod may be suitable.

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