American scientists have conducted research into bleeding, cramps and satisfaction of new users of a copper spiral. This showed that 6 months after insertion women are more satisfied with their copper spiral.

77 women, who were given a copper spiral, were asked to keep track of the amount of blood loss and cramps. They were also asked about their satisfaction with their new method of contraception. The study showed that over a six-month period, bleeding decreased with 23%, cramps became less, and thus satisfaction with their copper IUD increased.

This new study offers health professionals the opportunity to provide women during counselling about contraceptive methods with objective information about what they can expect. Women who make a conscious choice for contraception on the basis of reliable information, turn out to be generally more satisfied and less likely to stop using it prematurely.

Source: Sanders, Jessica N., Daniel E. Adkins, Simranvir Kaur, Kathryn Storck, and Lori M. Gawron. 2018. "Bleeding, Cramping, and Satisfaction among New Copper IUD Users: A Prospective Study." PLoS ONE 13(11):1-11.