Organon and Titus Health Care join forces for optimal freedom of choice in contraception

31 January 2022

Titus Health Care enters collaboration with Organon in the Netherlands! Titus Health Care supports gynaecologists, obstetricians, abortion doctors and general practitioners in providing optimal contraceptive care. Both companies have the ambition to make a difference in the health of women. One of the spearheads is to offer them optimal freedom of choice in the field of long-acting contraception methods.

Joining forces
Together, the companies are working to improve awareness of and access to long-acting contraceptive methods. "Every woman is unique and that requires optimal contraceptive advice. That is why Titus Health Care and Organon are joining forces. We share the ambition to contribute to the education of healthcare providers so that they can give women appropriate advice about contraception," says Judith Wiegant, director of Titus Health Care. "We are joining forces with a broad portfolio of hormone-free and hormone-containing contraceptives to offer women optimal freedom of choice," adds Joep de Mönnink (founder and managing director of Titus Health Care).

Organon wants to listen to women worldwide to better understand their health needs and identify solutions that are urgently needed. "Because there is a need to look at disease states and conditions that affect only women or women disproportionately more than men," says Petra Willems, Managing Director of Organon Benelux. "Our impact will go beyond medicines, contraception and fertility treatments. Because we know we can do so much more for women and their health. That's why we are proud that we were able to realize a strategic alliance in the Benelux so quickly."

A lot of experience
Working closely with external partners is an important pillar in Organon's strategy to give more women access to existing products. The cooperation with Titus Health Care is an excellent example of this. Freek Hendriksen, who is responsible for Alliances and Business Development within the Organon Benelux management team, says: "The Titus Health Care team has a lot of experience in educating and training healthcare professionals and also has a large network and a strong reputation in the healthcare sector. Also in terms of culture and entrepreneurship, there is a clear click with Organon."

From left to right: Petra Willems (Managing Director, Organon), Freek Hendriksen (Alliance & Business Development Manager, Organon), Judith Wiegant (Director, Titus Health Care) and Joep de Mönnink (Director, Titus Health Care).

Organon started out as a pharmaceutical company almost a hundred years ago. The roots in its birthplace Oss are still there, but the new Organon is different. Organon is a global health company focused on improving the health of women throughout their lives. In doing so, Organon wants to make a world of difference for women, their families and the communities they care for. To this end, the company has a broad portfolio of more than 60 medicines and products in various therapeutic areas. In addition to women's health, Organon has two pillars that will support investments in future growth opportunities in women's health, namely a growing biosimilars business and a stable franchise of established brands.

Titus Health Care wants to contribute to women's healthcare by making new gynaecological products available. In order to achieve optimal contraceptive care, they invest in education and training for healthcare professionals. The team works daily to answer (medical) questions about its products to healthcare professionals and women. Every year, the team at Titus Health Care educates and trains hundreds of healthcare professionals in insertion techniques of long-acting contraceptives and contraceptive counselling. They continue to search for new products to add to their portfolio that help improve women's healthcare. In addition, Titus Health Care has a strong network within fertility, where they introduced various products within IVF. More information can be found at on this website.