Imara Wilsens



"After having worked as a midwife for over 7 years, I was ready for a new challenge, where I can use my knowledge and experience as a healthcare professional to contribute to gynaecological care on a larger scale in the Netherlands and Belgium. My great passion is the pursuit of quality healthcare for women."

At Titus Health Care

Imara is the primary contact for gynaecologists, pharmacists, purchasers and general practitioners in Flanders. She is responsible for the provision of information and services regarding Ballerine and the necessary instruments.
In addition, Imara organises meetings, accredited refresher courses and training sessions for healthcare providers.

Previous experience

After graduating from the Hotel Management School, Imara decided to train as a midwife. She then gained over 7 years of work experience as an obstetrician, both in the Netherlands and in Belgium. During her work as an obstetrician, she was involved on a daily basis in the contraceptive care of women of childbearing age.