IUD wire pack (10 pieces)

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With the IUD wire picker, non-visible wires of an IUD can be traced and withdrawn. The long handle of the wire hook has seven notches every 10 mm. This optimises the chance of retrieving the threads.Also each available


Are you about to remove an IUD but the wires are not visible? Then try this handy disposable IUD thread packer. This innovative tool is specially designed to locate untraceable threads of an IUD quickly and easily.

Specifications IUD wire packer

The IUD thread packer features seven notches, at 10 mm intervals on each side, and a long handle. This combination ensures maximum control. It makes it easy to safely and efficiently retrieve the IUD wires and remove the IUD. With a thumb recess, the IUD wire packer offers better grip and control, making it even more comfortable to use. The flexible handle has a smooth, rounded tip that allows you to enter the uterus more easily. With a total length of 245 mm, the long handle is designed for optimal ease of use.

How does the IUD thread packer work?

The IUD thread packer has multiple notches that allow the threads of the IUD to be withdrawn. How does it work? Insert the thread packer rotationally, into the cervical canal. You then withdraw the thread packer while continuing to rotate in the same direction. This maximises the chance of retracting the threads.

Alternative options

If the threads of an IUD are not visible, a cervical brush can be a good first step to make the threads visible. If that fails, our disposable IUD thread packer or the RVS IUD Removing pliers solution. These instruments are specially designed to safely remove IUDs even if the threads are not visible.

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