Flexi-T +300 copper IUD

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The Flexi-T +300 copper IUD offers reliable contraception for up to 5 years. Flexi-T is hormone-free contraception.Consult with your health care provider about which IUD is best for you before placing an order.Shipping method: via DHL in a letterbox box.A Flexi-T IUD ordered through the website will not be reimbursed by the insurer.

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The Flexi-T +300 copper IUD is a reliable copper IUD without hormones, ideal for women who choose hormone-free contraception. The IUD is reliable for 5 years. With a copper IUD, you maintain your natural cycle and have carefree sex. The Flexi-T IUD is made of plastic and copper. It has a T-shape with rounded corners for an optimal fit. Flexi-T also works as emergency contraception if you have the IUD placed within 5 days of unprotected sex. The Flexi-T IUD has three variants, so there is a suitable Flexi-T for every woman.

Three Flexi-T variants

There are three variants of the Flexi-T copper IUD: Flexi-T 300 for a small uterus, Flexi-T +300 and Flexi-T +380 for a larger uterus. The Flexi-T 300 copper IUD is the smallest, this IUD contains 300mm2 buyer. Flexi-T +300 has an average size, even with 300mm2 copper. The Flexi-T IUD is suitable for all women who have mild or normal periods. So for all women who have not yet experienced childbirth, women who are breastfeeding or women who have fulfilled their desire to have children. Finally, Flexi-T +380 (like +300) has an average size, only this IUD contains more copper (380mm2). Flexi-T +380 is suitable for the most fertile age after childbirth. All Flexi-T spirals are effective for 5 years and 99% reliable.

Having a Flexi-T copper IUD placed

Your GP, midwife or gynaecologist can place a Flexi-T copper IUD on you. Retrieved from spiralplaces.co.uk you will find more information about IUD placement, including a handy map of locations where to go. It is important to be sure you cannot be pregnant and do not have an STI before having an IUD placed. If you are unsure whether you have been at risk of an STI, always discuss this with your healthcare provider or order the self-test. The self-test tests for chlamydia, gonorrhoea and trichomonas.

More information

Do you have any questions about the Flexi-T +300 copper IUD? Download the patient leaflet in Dutch or English. A lot of information can also be found at flexi-t.co.uk. For other questions, please contact record.

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