Joep de Mönnink

"Throughout my career I have developed an affinity with gynaecological healthcare. I have built up a network of interesting, worthy and motivated people. At the end of 2009 I took the decision to realize my dream: to set up a company, whereby I can deliver my own contribution and ideas for gynaecological health care in The Netherlands, with the aim of making a real difference to the lives of Dutch women"


Since 2009 Joep has been founder and director of Titus Health Care. Supported by an extensive network in gynaecology, broad knowledge of Dutch healthcare and years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, he aims to make a real contribution in improving gynaecological health care in The Netherlands. Within Titus Health Care, Joep de Mönnink is involved in general management, finance and business development. At present, his particular focus is on the development of an IVF prediction test by daughter company, ARTPred.


Joep has previously held various marketing, sales and management functions at Serono, Merck KGa and Merck/Serono. Joep was project leader during the integration of Serono and Merck in The Netherlands and subsequently was a member of the Global Fertility Strategy Group.