Ballerine copper IUD

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IUB™ Ballerine® is a new and innovative copper IUD with a unique and flexible 3D sphere shape. It works in a similar way to other copper IUDs and is effective for 5 years. Due to its unique and flexible 3D shape, Ballerine is an alternative for women who are unable to conceive with the first choice of copper IUDs. In addition, Ballerine is easy to insert due to its very thin insertion sleeve.Consult with your health care provider about which IUD is best for you before placing an order.Shipping method: via DHL in a letterbox box.A Ballerine ordered from the website will not be reimbursed by the insurance company.

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The Ballerine consists of a number of copper balls threaded onto a flexible frame with a memory shape. As soon as the frame comes out of the insertion sleeve, it curls up into a rounded shape in the uterus. This shape means that the Ballerine constantly finds its ideal position in the womb.

The hormone-free Ballerine IUD is reliable and durable contraception for women who choose hormone-free contraception. It is ideal for women who want to maintain their natural cycle and have carefree sex. The Ballerine is inserted by the family doctor, midwife or obstetrician. Immediately after insertion, the coil gradually releases a small amount of copper, protecting you from pregnancy for 5 years.

Functioning of the IUD:
- Copper paralyses the sperm cells and prevents the fertilisation of an egg
- Copper keeps an egg from implanting in the uterine wall


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