2019 saw the launch of a new, informative website on emergency contraception: www.morning-after.nl. It is a smooth, low-threshold site for young women (16-28 yrs), with (medically validated) information about both the morning-after pill and the copper IUD.

Many young women know the morning-after pill as a method to prevent an unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sex. The morning-after pill is nowadays available at chemists and pharmacies without a prescription. But there is also a (hormone-free) alternative that not many girls know about. A copper IUD also prevents an unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sex (if the IUD is placed within 5 days after unprotected sex). It is even the most reliable morning-after method. Moreover, it protects women for a very long period of time immediately after placement.

By no means all women are aware of this choice. In order to make a complete picture of morning-after methods easier to find, we have created a new website. All information about emergency contraception is conveniently listed on www.moning-after.nl. So that women quickly know what the possibilities are and - if necessary - can take immediate action. There is even a time calculator: depending on how many hours have passed since the unprotected sex, the visitor gets advice about the possibilities.

The website is intended for women and also for healthcare professionals and provides objective, medically validated information about morning-after pill and the copper IUD.

There's also a leaflet that here is downloadable.