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13 June 202318:30 - 21:30Webinar


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Since you place spirals, you see portios in all shapes, colours, types and sizes. But what exactly do you see? When is acting necessary and when not? And what to do with STIs? Prevention is better than cure, but you still come across STIs during your contraceptive consultation or during spiral insertions. How do you recognise an STI and what should you do? During Portions in Practice address all these questions in detail.

What can I expect?

Placing spirals means you will see more and more of the portio. In schooling Portions in Practice you will learn what you see during spiral setting using lots of visual material. What can you see with the naked eye and what cannot? What is normal and what is not normal? When is it important to take action? STIs are also discussed in detail. During the training there is also plenty of room to discuss cases and actions.

About the lecturer

Caroline Grootes is an obstetrician in Amsterdam. Besides being an obstetrician, she is also an in-vivo trainer in spiral placement.

Practical information

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: 75 euro (incl. VAT)
Accreditation points KNOV: 3
Accreditation points KNOV - partial register of contraception: 3
Extra: including a simple meal

You will receive the programme of the meeting including directions one week prior to the meeting.

Cancellation free of charge up to 3 days prior to the training, in case of written cancellation.

Delve further?

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