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Convenient bundle to have a spare T-Safe and Multi-Safe copper spiral available at extra cost. For example, to replace a new coil immediately after a failed implantation or as emergency contraception within 5 days after unsafe sex. The Dutch Society of General Practitioners gives preference to both the T-shaped (T-Safe) and horseshoe-shaped (Multi-Safe) copper spiral.

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T-Safe and Multi-Safe are reliable, high-quality copper coils ideal for women who choose hormone-free contraception. You maintain your natural cycle and can have carefree sex. The T-Safe IUD is T-shaped and made of plastic and copper. Multi-Safe has a horseshoe shape. Both T-Safe and Multi-Safe also work as emergency contraception if the IUD is inserted within 5 days of unsafe sex.

Did you know?
- T-Safe is the most commonly used copper IUD in the Netherlands?
- T-Safe and Multi-Safe are very reliable copper IUDs?
- T-Safe and Multi-Safe meet the highest quality requirements?
- The Dutch Society of General Practitioners prefers both the T-shaped (T-Safe) and horseshoe-shaped (Multi-Safe) copper spiral?
- T-Safe is effective for no less than 10 years? Multi-Safe is reliable for 5 years.

Functioning of the IUD:
- Copper paralyses the sperm cells and prevents the fertilisation of an egg
- Copper keeps an egg from implanting in the uterine wall

T-Safe and Multi-Safe copper IUDs are easy to insert by the family doctor, midwife or obstetrician. Immediately after insertion, the IUD gradually releases a small amount of copper, protecting you from pregnancy for 5 (Multi-Safe) or up to 10 years (T-Safe). However, you can also use T-Safe or Multi-Safe for a shorter period of time, for example between two pregnancies.

Read more at www.t-safe.nl or www.multi-safe.nl.

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