Flexi-T insertion & counselling


Duration: ± 30 min.
For whom: Doctors & Midwives
Where: On location, individually or with colleagues.
This module is also very suitable during a Kring-, VSV-, FTO- and/or WDH-meeting.

After ordering, one of our employees will contact you to make an appointment.



Would you also like to learn about the Flexi-T insertion technique, or do you have questions about it? Then request this module now.

To introduce and optimise your Flexi-T knowledge and insertion skills, we have developed this training module.
Together, we go through the Flexi-T insertion technique, as well as the most important clinical implications, side-effect profile and latest studies.

You will receive a free Flexi-T exercise spiral, uterine model, information block and patient leaflets.

Combination of several modules is possible, as well as the transfer of the module, so that you can also provide it to colleagues yourself.
For more information: info@titushealthcare.nl.

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