Exclusively for midwives: package with 5 Ballerine IUDs

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IUB™Ballerine® is a new and innovative copper IUD with a unique and flexible 3D spherical shape. It works in a similar way to other copper IUDs and is effective for 5 years. The Ballerine has a very thin sheath and is therefore easier to insert. It is particularly suitable for young women who have not yet given birth.
Due to its flexible spherical shape, the Ballerine is a great alternative for women who do not respond well to other copper IUDs.

Now with 5 x Disposable uterine probe 3.2 mm free of charge.

Please note: Women who have supplementary insurance for contraception need an invoice from the pharmacy for submission to their health insurance company. An invoice from the (midwife's) practice is then not sufficient.

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The Ballerine consists of a number of copper balls threaded onto a flexible frame with a memory shape. As soon as the frame comes out of the insertion sleeve, it curls up into a rounded shape in the uterus. This shape means that the Ballerine constantly finds its ideal position in the womb.
The hormone-free Ballerine IUD is reliable and long-lasting contraception for women who do not appreciate the use of added hormones. It is therefore ideal for women who want to maintain their natural cycle and have carefree sex. The Ballerine is placed by your general practitioner, gynaecologist or obstetrician and only needs to be replaced after 5 years. Of course, you may also use Ballerine for a shorter period of time, such as between pregnancies.
The Ballerine IUD gradually releases a little copper. Copper paralyses sperm cells, making them unable to fertilise a mature egg cell.
The Ballerine is suitable for all women who have mild or normal menstruation. Read detailed information at

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