Contraception Skills Training


195,- incl. VAT, combination package 294,- 280,- incl. VATOrder the Contraception Skills Training separately or advantageously in combination with the e-learning Contraception Advice Made-to-measure from the Maastricht Academy of Obstetrics. With this package, you will be fully prepared for the in vivo training in placing spirals.After purchasing the package, we will pass on your details to the AVM. Within a week, you will get access to the e-learning. You follow the skills training at the chosen date and place. You will receive the necessary practical information a week in advance.

15 June 202311.30 a.m.-4.30 p.m.Eindhoven region
12 October 202311.30 a.m.-4.30 p.m.Amersfoort region


Titus Health Care and the Academie Verloskunde Maastricht have joined forces to serve midwives even better. Do you want to start placing spirals? Then you need to successfully complete an e-learning on contraception accredited by the KNOV in preparation, followed by a Contraception Skills Training.* You can now purchase both steps as an advantageous combination package for only €280.

Learning objectives Contraception Skills Training

- You will learn all the ins and outs about the effect, side effects, indications and contraindications, reliability and application of various forms of contraception.
- You learn how to deal with complaints about contraception and extra attention is paid to contraception postpartum.
- You practise how to apply your knowledge in counselling women by means of case histories.
- You practice the skill of placing and removing:

- Hormone IUD
- Copper IUD
- Implantation rod

Practical information Contraception Skills Training

Target group: midwives, general practitioners, physician assistants (PAs)
Duration: 5 hours
Accreditation points ABC1, KNOV, NAPA: 4**
Extra: including a simple meal
Maximum number of participants per meeting: 12
You will receive the programme of the meeting including directions one week prior to the meeting.

Cancellation free of charge up to 3 days prior to the training, in case of written cancellation.
**This training is accredited by KNOV as contraception training (theory and skill) in preparation for the in vivo training in placing spirals.

Learning objectives e-learning Customised Contraceptive Advice

- You will gain an understanding of the physiology of the menstrual cycle and of hormonal changes during (hormonal) contraceptive use.
- You increase your knowledge of common (hormonal) contraceptives in the Netherlands and can reason which contraception to recommend or advise against in different situations.
- You can apply the theoretical knowledge gained around the menstrual cycle and hormonal contraception to provide a client with tailored information on (hormonal) contraception.

Practical information e-learning Contraceptive Advice Made to Measure

Target group: midwives
Duration: 3 hours
Accreditation points KNOV: 3***
Within a week of registration, you will receive the access code for the e-learning. After completion, you will receive the accreditation points within a month.

***This e-learning is accredited by KNOV as an e-learning on contraception in preparation for the in vivo training on placing spirals.

*Overwives: skilled spiral placement

Are you an obstetrician and want to start placing spirals? If you graduated before 2017 and want to become proficient in placing spirals, you need to take the following training courses:
- E-learning contraception
- Contraception training (theory and skill)
- In vivo training
The e-learning Tailored contraceptive advice (AVM) and the Contraception Skills Training of Titus Health Care have been approved by the KNOV as steps in preparation for the in vivo training in placing spirals. For midwives graduated from 2017 onwards, the first two steps are integrated into the curriculum of the study programme. If you take the in vivo training within three years of graduation, you are competent to place spirals. Note: Have you already graduated for more than three years? Then you need to follow all three steps to become competent. More information can be found on the website of the KNOV.

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