As of August 1, Titus Health Care, in addition to the T-Safe copper spiral, also brings the Multi-Safe® CU 375 shorts on the Dutch market. This small variant of copper spiral is suitable for women who are not eligible for the T-Safe® spiral, such as women who have not yet given birth to a child or who have a (too) small uterus. The Multi-Safe® CU 375 short has a registered useful life of 5 years (T-Safe® 10 years).

The Multi-Safe® CU 375 Short is a generic version of the Multiload CU 375 Short, which has recently become unavailable. The IUD is fully reimbursed by the health insurer. The Multi-Safe® CU 375 short is available at your pharmacy.

If you have any questions, please contact Titus Health Care via or call 06 182 844 27.