From August 1 2014, Titus Health Care will not only be providing the T-Safe Copper IUD, but will also be launching the Multi-Safe® CU 375 short IUD for the Dutch market.

This smaller variant of the intrauterine device is designed for women with no previous experience of the T-Safe® IUD, for example women who have not yet given birth, or women who have a particularly small uterus. The Multi-Safe® CU 375 short is reliable for 5 year usage (the T-Safe® is reliable for 10 years).
The Multi-Safe® CU 375 short is a generic variant of the Multiload CU 375 short, which is now no longer available. This IUD is fully reimbursed by health insurers. The Multi-Safe® CU 375 short is available from your pharmacist.

If you have any questions about this product, you can contact Titus Health Care directly via [email protected] or by calling the following number: 06 182 844 27.