Since last December the Multiload is no longer available (see website farmanco).
The T-Safe spiral (ZI 15539377) is the best alternative. T-Safe is preferred by the NHG and is the only IUD registered for a stay of up to 10 years. Request a T-Safe demonstration package now free of charge via or visit

NHG Standard Contraception M02, December 2011, Note 21 Reliability copper coil:
"The reliability of various available copper coils is 0.1 to 1.0 pregnancies per 100 women after 1 year. Because a special insertion technique is required for the Gynefix and because no clinical studies have been done with the Flexi-T spiral, the T-Safe® Cu spiral and the Multiload® Cu spiral are preferred".


Graphic: Who is the T-Safe IUD suitable for?