T-Safe copper Intra Uterine Device: hormone-free contraception

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You have chosen the T-Safe copper Intra Uterine Device as a contraceptive. A good choice because T-Safe is the most reliable copper Intra Uterine Device according to the NHG (Dutch Society of General Practitioners).

In addition, T-Safe is the only Intra Uterine Device with a reliability of up to 10 years. Of course you can also use the T-Safe copper Intra Uterine Device for a shorter period of time.

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The T-Safe IUD is hormone-free contraception. The T-Safe Copper IUD is reliable and durable contraception for women who do not appreciate the use of added hormones.

Ideal for women who want to preserve their natural cycle and have carefree sex. The T-Safe IUD is placed by your family doctor, gynaecologist or midwife and only needs to be replaced after 10 years. Of course, you can also use T-Safe for a shorter period of time, for example between two pregnancies.

The T-Safe IUD gradually releases a little copper. Copper paralyses the sperm cells, which means that the sperm cell is no longer able to fertilise a ripe egg.

The T-Safe IUD is suitable for all women who have a mild or normal period. So for all women who have not yet given birth, women who are breastfeeding or women who have fulfilled their wish to have children.

Read extensive information on www.t-safe.nl.