Demo-set Ballerine


Non-sterile demonstration model of the Ballerine copper coil. This model can be used by healthcare professionals during counselling of patients or to learn the insertion technique of Ballerine. An insertion instruction booklet is included with each demonstration model. The insertion instructions can also be found at There is also a insertion instruction video.It is also possible to have a Ballerine insertie instruction request.

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The Ballerine has a unique, flexible 3D ball shape. It consists of a number of copper balls threaded onto a flexible frame with a memory shape. Ballerine is also suitable for young women who have not yet given birth. Or it may be an alternative for women who do not respond well to other copper coils. Ballerine is effective for 5 years.

Prescribing information:
Name: Ballerine® MIDI CU 300 IUB
ZI number: 16768655

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