The NuNietZwanger portal is the way to submit digital prescriptions quickly, easily and safely.

With this application, staff of GGD's can easily order contraceptives for clients in the Now Not Pregnant programme. Employees receive a login from the GGD and can upload written prescriptions for contraceptives in the NNZ-Portal. The ordered contraceptives are delivered to the GGD and the costs are sent to the GGD via a monthly invoice.



Nu Niet Zwanger (Not Pregnant Now) focuses on vulnerable parents and potential parents who are almost always already in the spotlight of social services, such as parents and potential parents who are homeless, mentally disabled, socially isolated, addicted, have psychiatric problems, are involved in prostitution or have multiple problems. These highly vulnerable groups need extra support. They sometimes lack control over their lives because of an accumulation of problems or because the subject is not a priority for them. They are less aware of their desire to have children and may not know how to protect themselves against pregnancy. For instance, they use less reliable methods of contraception, do not use contraception at all or do not deal with it consistently. Or they lack the financial means to arrange for contraception.

The NuNietZwanger core team monitors the content, quality and process of the programme. The national roll-out of the Nu NietZwanger programme is financed by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and is accommodated by the GGD GHOR Nederland.

All information can be found on the website