New rate 2019
As of January 2019, the rate for both the insertion of an IUD or the insertion or removal of an implantation rod will be increased to € 63.53 for both the general practitioner and the midwife. This means that the insertion of an IUD by an obstetrician must be reimbursed by the health insurer.

Problems with compensating for the placement of coils
Unfortunately, there are insurers such as DSW, the City of Holland and Zorg en Zekerheid who do not adhere to the agreements made.
The policy conditions of these health insurers include the condition that an IUD must be placed in the hospital or with the general practitioner. This is a invalid conditionbecause all health insurers must reimburse the care from the basic package. These insurers therefore have to adjust their policy conditions!
Since 1 January 2018, the placement of IUD has been included in the Policy Rule on Obstetrics and therefore forms part of the regular obstetric care that must be reimbursed.

Legal letter to health insurers
Titus Health Care has had a legal letter drawn up for midwives who have to deal with this, which they themselves can send to the relevant health insurers. The letters can be downloaded free of charge and, after signing, can be sent to the health insurers.

Other compensation issues
We have received reports that some insurers (e.g. CZ) set off the placement of an IUD by an obstetrician against the woman's deductible. This is not allowed! Download here the legal letter for CZ.
Midwifery care is not specialist medical care and is not at your own risk, as is the case with general practitioners. Health insurers are not allowed to decide for themselves what falls under the deductible.

Should you encounter any other compensation problems, please report it to KNOV and inform us as well. Send an e-mail to Daniëlle van Veen ( for the Southern Netherlands, Chantal van der Voort (chantal@ for Zuid-Holland and Zeeland and Lisette Sier-Wismeijer ( for the central and northern Netherlands.
We collect all your reports and complaints and take action if required.
Until the next news flash!

Kind regards,

Danielle, Chantal and Lisette