The company ARTPred develops a test, which predicts whether an IVF treatment is meaningful.

Director Joep de Mönnink explains that this test is done on the basis of a urine test or a vaginal smear. A first study in the Erasmus Medical Centre showed the test for 96% to be reliable. The study now needs to be repeated in a larger group of women in different medical centres in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, some 16,000 women receive IVF treatment every year. In Europe there are 560,000. It was found that 29% of these women do not become pregnant. The new test can save these women the drastic IVF treatment. In addition, the costs compared to an IVF treatment are expected to be 30-40% lower.

If the urine test turns out to be reliable, it will have an impact worldwide.

Recently, ARTPred, as one of the five chosen Start-ups in the medical sector, received a loan of € 250,000 from State Secretary Sander Dekker (Science) for the realization of follow-up steps. ARTPred hopes to market the urine test in 2016.

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