The company ARTPred has developed a test which predicts whether an IVF treatment will be successful.
Joep de Mönnink, Titus Health Care Director, explains that this test is conducted on the basis of a urine test or a vaginal smear. Results of initial research studies from the Erasmus Medical Centre indicate that the test is reliable in 96% of cases. Further research will now be conducted in larger groups of women in various medical centers across The Netherlands.

In The Netherlands, around 16,000 women receive IVF treatment every year. Across Europe this figure rises to 560,000.  Investigations reveal that 29% of these women do not succeed in becoming pregnant. By means of this predictive test, these women can avoid the disappointment of an unsuccessful IVF treatment. In addition, the related costs can be reduced by 30-40%.
If the reliability of the ARTPred urine test is proven, this can have an important impact worldwide.

As one of the five selected Start-ups in the medical sector, ARTPred has recently received a grant of €250.000 from Sander Dekker, State Secretary for Science, to finance the next phase of research. ARTPred hopes to bring the urine test to market in 2016.

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