Since September 2014 Midwives are allowed to prescribe contraception and insert IUDs. After this change in legislation, many midwives have received the required training and have started providing  IUD insertions with great enthusiasm.

Titus Health Care wants to offer midwives a helping hand during this new phase by collaborating with several training institutes such as DOKh, stichting KOEL and Stichting Anticonceptie Nederland for the organization of accredited IUD courses. These courses address, among others, the clinical implications of the T-Safe IUD and the corresponding insertion technique.

Titus Health Care also organizes ‘Best Practices’ meetings for midwives that have already started with the insertion of IUDs. During the ‘Best Practicies’ meetings midwives interchange experiences and tips & tricks. They are being updated about the latest developments by means of the Titus Health Care newsletter.

Recently, the website has been launched. This website aims for women who are looking for information about IUDs. On this website midwives can announce that they have started with the insertion of IUDs. Consequently, women can instantly see where they can go for placement of an IUD.