Since September 2014 midwives are allowed to prescribe contraception and place coils. With great enthusiasm, many midwives have become proficient in this and have started placing coils.

Titus Health Care would like to offer midwives a helping hand in this new phase by facilitating accredited training courses in cooperation with various refresher courses, such as DOKh, Stichting KOEL and Stichting Anticonceptie Nederland. During these trainings the clinical implications of the T-Safe spiral and the specific insertion technique will be discussed.

In addition, Titus Health Care 'Best Practices' organizes meetings for midwives, who are already placing spirals, to exchange experiences and tips & tricks. The midwives are kept informed of the latest developments in this field through the Titus Health Care Newsletters.

Recently, the website launched. This website is for women, who are looking for information about spirals. Midwives can advertise on this website that they place spirals, so that women immediately know where to go.