MSD has announced that the production of the Multiload copper IUD has stopped worldwide.  In The Netherlands an alternative for the Multiload IUD is available, namely the T-Safe Copper IUD.

In the Society for Dutch General Practitioners’ Standard Contraception Guide (NHG) the T-Safe Copper IUD is given preference on the basis of reliability. Additionally, T-Safe is the only IUD reliable for up to 10 years. Therefore, at the present time, the T-Safe Copper IUD is the best alternative to the Multiload.

“The reliability of the various copper IUDs available means there are only 0.1 to 1.0 unwanted pregnancies per 100 women after one year. Because a special insertion method is necessary for the Gynefix and because no clinical studies have been conducted with the Flexi-T coil, preference is for the T-Safe Copper IUD and the Multiload Copper IUD.” (NHG Standard Contraception M02)