Milly Poort

I have worked with great pleasure for Titus Health Care over a number of years. I was approached by Judith Wiegant, who I knew already from her Stichting El Fuego, in which I was involved as a volunteer/editor. To come and work in Judith’s company was not such a big step. I find it wonderful to see this dynamic company growing and to work with such an enthusiastic team.

Client Service Manager

Milly maintains contacts with healthcare professionals and women using THC products. She manages (After) Sales in the area of contraception. Milly is responsible for the Forum and the online-sales of the contraceptive IUDs. Additionally, Milly is responsible for all editorial functions.


Milly has experience in both the pharmacy and dentistry areas of healthcare. As partner she has for quite some time been closely involved in the establishment of a wholesaler for Pharmacy and Laboratory supplies.
Milly also organizes national and international fairs for several companies.
In addition Milly has been involved for many years in voluntary work at both management and executive levels.