Titus Health Care introduces the Ballerine!

15 March 2019

New generation contraceptive spiral
IUB™Ballerine® is a new and innovative, reliable IUD without hormones. The effect is comparable to other copper IUDs and effective for 5 years. The Ballerine has a very thin insertion sleeve and is therefore easy to insert. It is particularly suitable for young women who have not yet given birth.
With its unique and flexible 3D shape, the Ballerine is a great alternative for women who do not respond well to other copper coils.

Small and flexible spiral
The Ballerine consists of a number of copper balls threaded onto a flexible frame with a memory shape. As soon as the frame comes out of the insertion sleeve, it curls up into a spherical shape inside the uterus. This spherical shape means that the Ballerine constantly finds its ideal position in the womb.

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